Featured Work

Research / Competitor Analysis / Design

Taco Hell

Tackling the accessibility challenge of dietary preferences within food ordering apps
Design System / Branding

Dodge UI/UX

Building a design system post-rebrand for digital solutions in mechanical power transmission
2021 - 2022
Dodge Industrial

Upcoming Past Work

The following projects are not yet uploaded to this portfolio website, but they are projects that have been completed and reflect my years of experience. I'm diligently working on uploading these projects by working on the write-ups and finding non-Figma aspects scattered across Google Drive, Notion, and Slack. I don't want this delay to stop me from exploring other opportunities, so I'd absolutely be happy to open each of the associated Figma environments and talk through them in the meantime. Hopefully some of these projects peak your interest. 😉

Design / Testing / Hardware

Automatic Lubricator

Developing the selection program for the launch of a groundbreaking IIOT device
Research / Design / Testing

Public Policy Endorsements

Showcasing political will through real-life constituent statements & videos
Research / Design / Testing

Candidate Chat

Connecting candidates and voters in the pandemic election season
Research / Design / Testing / PM

Bearing Selection & Interchange Tool

Creating the product selection tool for the global-leader in mounted bearings
Research / Design Oversight / PM

Citizen Lobbying Platform

Determining user pain points in the most effective form of political advocacy
2018 - 2019
By The People