Working alongside my two cats, Edamame & Garbanzo.

I'm Trent Triola.

I'm a Product Designer at heart who's currently paying the bills by working as a Product Manager at an industrial company in Greenville, South Carolina. I love seamless user experiences, online and offline; and it's my goal to help build them for the right mission.

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My Values

💖 be kind

Practice empathy, treat others as you want to be treated, and keep an eye out for accessibility

💥 challenge

Question old conventions and new ideas; maintain strong opinions loosely held

👂 listen

Keep quiet, try to be unbiased, and learn from the the one with the problem

📚 trust the process

Take the time to work the right way

🚀 move fast

Don't let perfect be the enemy of good

😂 have fun

Be a positive energy for the team, and never shy away from a good laugh

My Hobbies


I love feeling connected to nature and enjoy a bunch of different outdoor activities. Hiking, road cycling, and kayaking are the core.

Live Music

I probably plan my calendar around shows more than anything else. I love seeing small local acts, my Spotify favorites, and going to music festivals (last year: Riot Fest).


The most rewarding hobby, bar none, is my environmental lobbying work. It's fulfilling, energizing, and it truly feels like we're making a difference.


Life is too short to be stuck in one place. I love seeing new places and especially love working from the road. My latest trip was a visit to my cousin in Glasgow, Scotland.

Spirit Island

A "cooperative settler-destruction strategy game" that builds camaraderie like no other. With tons of mechanics and different spirits to play, no game is the same.


I am a low-tier competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee player. This game from 2001 has taught me much about patience and the value of practice. I am a Sheik main (but a Luigi at heart).